1. relating to liminality and liminal spaces; thresholds
  2. relating to communitas; a sense of belonging
  3. relating to “a sense of place”

A sense of place. The ritual crossing of thresholds towards a new sense of being. The feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself.

“She walked through the trees to a meadow filled with limutas.”

“His painting carried a feeling of limutas in every brushstroke.”

“The mountains bring an ethereal limutas to her paintings.”

“Their poetry exudes limutas in every stanza.”

“The feeling of limutas permeates the stone here.”

“The cathedral carried the weight of limutas in every archway, every stained glass window.”

“They felt an immense limutas in their heart after coming out to their family and being re-welcomed with open arms.”

“He was the limutas he had been searching for.”