Life is full of these interesting moments- the ones where we must choose our path, open new doors, and say yes or no to opportunities. After many years of writing, creating art and being creative in general, I figured out something about myself. I have a passion for liminal spaces- both physical and philosophically. What this means is that my graduate work has focused on the rituals we humans create during moments of transition, as well as the in-between liminal space that allows us to breathe before we take that step into transformation.

A while back, I decided to write. I like writing fiction. I enjoy the scenes that come to mind, much as I love painting and working with clay. But after years of wavering between becoming an art therapist or an archaeologist or a non profit manager, I realized that my interest in the evolution of the creative arts alongside humanity all came down to one thing: puzzles. I love putting puzzles together, and I love helping others look at their own puzzles and find solutions that are unique to their situation. Non-fiction as well as creative non fiction are, for me, a far more enjoyable way to tell a story. Add in the interest in counseling and the use of art therapy, and an idea was born. I could help people unearth their creativity by writing books and stories alongside coaching and consulting.

That is why Creativity Unearthed, which was born in 2007 as a venue for my art and writing has now moved fully into an LLC encompassing Limutas and Limutas Publishing. I spent a good eight years in graduate school acquiring the tools, techniques and perspectives that assist my clients in discovering their creative purpose.

Limutas (a sense of place) is here to give you the tools to create the best work, whether you are an author, artist or craftsman. A lot of fun things are coming: books on creativity, scheduling for 1:1 coaching sessions, blogs, and podcasts. Eventually, creativity courses, vlogs, and more.

For now, I have opened up this website for access to the first Short Reads on Creativity book, Write Like an Artist: Creative Exercises to Expand Your Storytelling. I hope it gives you some fun tools and a few laughs along the way.

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