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The new publication date is March 6th, 2023.

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WELCOME~ We are offering Limutas while Creativity Unearthed (est. 2007) is being reorganized. During this liminal time, please forgive our chaos as we ready a few new things for you for 2023.

  • More Books! The series Short Reads on Creativity will expand to offer ideas and tools for writers and artists of all kinds. Fiction as well as non-fiction will also appear, as well as a few surprises!
  • Podcasts: Covering topics like: creativity, transitions, creativity coaching, how to visualize your storytelling, and more
  • Creativity Coaching: Heather Clement Davis is a Master Certified Professional Coach, and offers Creativity Coaching for the writer, artist and creative soul. How to optimize your success and minimize the distractions through creative experimentation
  • Consulting: We offer creativity consulting for your author business, museum, gallery exhibitions and spatial “flow” design.
  • Content Writing: Join our growing list of creators now optimizing their SEO with our carefully crafted and personalized content

We explore creative transitions and blocks as well as how to overcome the challenges that impact your creative work, whether you are a writer, artist or craftsman.

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